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Petites Annonces
Choir - computer graphic - 2008 - Honorable mention at the Moca contest 2008
Clown - computer graphic, 2007 - honorable mention Moca Contest 2007
Echo - computer graphic - 2006 - Honorable mention at the Moca contest 2006
pas de légende
Les 31013 souvenirs - nr. 016 - art digital 2012
Spectacles - computer graphic - 2010 - Moca Olimpia Gold 2010
Miroir - computer graphic - 2006 - Grand Prix on Art Periscope
Les 31013 souvenirs - nr. 017 - art digital 2012
Les 31013 souvenirs - nr. 018 - art digital 2012
Les 31013 souvenirs - nr. 019 - art digital 2012


Éva Győrffy is a painter of Hungarian origin, born in Arad, Romania. She is currently based in Oostzaan, Holland. Her computer work is produced by painting with a Wacom tablet, by scanning and reworking her oil paintings, and with a digital camera. She uses Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop to integrate her art.

The art of Éva Győrffy is expressionistic with signs of symbolism. Her portraits have a psychological content.

After the discovery of the computer, her work became more colourful, without loosing pictorial sensibility. One of her most appreciated experiences is redesigning oil paintings in the computer and giving them several different new expressions.

Virtual exhibitions and prices
o www.artperiscope.com - Grand Prix on the contest of 2006, and second price on the contest of 2007
o http://moca.virtual.museum - Honorable mentions on the contests of September 2006, April 2007, Double Exposure 2008, Digitalism 2008
o www.artportal.hu
o www.digitalshow.co.uk
o www.eva-gyorffy.nl

„Homo ludens-------------------------------
one watches oneself in the mirror------
one looks for a mirror---------------------
one holds a mirror to the world---------
a shining mirror----------------------------
an obscure mirror--------------------------
small pieces of often broken mirrors----
attempting to assemble the pieces------
one plays----------deadly serious---------„